Art/Basel. Art/Miami.

Viewing art has always seemed a solitary act for me. Viewing art brings out a meditative quality in me of quiet contemplation, (much like taking a walk and noticing the beauty of the flowers, the sky, or architecture as you pass).

Art Basel 2012 was a strange experience for me. The countless booths and collections, the streaming hosts of people scrambling to try and take it all in. And the talking, talking, talking! Whilst I love viewing art as much for the solitude and quiet contemplation, the stirring of thought and emotion- I don’t love talking much about it. The magnitude of Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center was far greater than I anticipated (or could have as it was my first time going in). At times, it felt like a rat maze. Everyone was working their way through it just trying to find where the cheese was hidden.

Installation where the camera sees more than your eye.

I’m of the opinion that the cheese is elusive. Rare and highly addictive, the cheese is (for me) the first time I saw a Van Gogh (in person). I stood there in front of it looking at the brush strokes. Strokes whose depth I had never seen in a printed reproduction, post card or text book. Amazement was among the many emotions that stirred inside of me as I saw Van Gogh’s hand at work- tears rolling down my cheeks.