So… Lately, Doing Stuff

Howdy folks,
As you know, I haven’t been updating this blog. Mostly because I keep forgetting to come up with something to write about. I have no direction. I’m not the first person to tell me that.

I thought I would write a brief update of what I’ve been getting up to these days. So..Lately- doing stuff…like:

-Entered a karaoke contest. I lost, but it was completely nerve wracking and fun. And I suppose as a consolation I got some PBR promotional schwag.
-Joined a gym. I have only been once so far. But if all goes well I should be losing about 30 pounds. How the hell long is that supposed to take?
-Got in a minor car accident, which brought back some nice PTSD from the other one. Managed to survive with only a couple scratches and a bit of soreness.
-Going to New Orleans Horror Film Festival. I went to one film last night All American Horror Story. In a couple hours, I’m going to watch some live readings of the script contest finalists.
-Met a bunch of awesome people who work in film. Writers. And photographers. Trying to network, learn, collaborate. Seems to be working all right so far. If only I continued to write about it. Well, here I am, writing.

I have a new nephew!

I have a new nephew! I did not cut the cord for this one. But he’s cute, isn’t he?

-Got my first Macbook Pro. Never would be able to afford to buy myself one. My brother, Matt, won some money and decided he’d be generous with me. He also offered to buy me a camera.
-My parents came to visit NOLA for a week and stayed with me. It was really lovely, and exhausting.

-Still trying to decide what kind of professional-grade digital camera that I want. DSLR? CILC? Something like that. Canon? Nikon? Panasonic? Sony? mhmm. I see.

-Changing my hair color many times over. Ever inspired by the spectrum of color and the innumerable possibilities they hold for self expression.

Of course, I’m single now. Hans broke up with me, what I can only assume was close on a month ago now. We still talk. He’s trying to focus on doing what he needs to do, and bettering himself and his life. He’s been working a lot, and is moving up the ranks of the kitchen he’s in pretty quickly. I’m so proud of him, and I still say- him being in charge looks good on him. I can see he is tired, but happy. He’s a hard worker. He deserves all that he wants.

Some people seem to think that I should get over him. And I think that those people should keep their advice to themselves.

I love him. And I always will.
I don’t think that makes me weak. I don’t think it holds me back.
If anything, it helps me be stronger.

I am a powerful person. I have many ideas. I have much passion. I have those whom I love, strongly and dearly.


Just UPDATED: Apparently, I’m on my own getting a camera- for the money has been lost. I suppose as the saying goes “you win some, you lose some” At least I have a new computer out of it.