Approaching Thirty : Fears

It’s one month until I turn the big three-oh. I’d like to take a moment to express all of the fears that have gone through me.

I haven’t done anything.

I’m going to die alone with only my cats to mourn me.

I’m going to be forgotten.

I will only get fatter from here.

I will never be prettier.

Closer to death, my own and everyone else that I love. (Fucked up, and true.)

I will never figure out how to change my ways, become a better more awesome person, and become successful.

Finishing writing a screenplay.

Finishing any creative project.

Losing all of my knowledge and memory.

Terrible credit score (just kidding, I could give a shit about this.)

Not having enough money to make my dreams come true.

Not having enough courage to dream big.

Not having enough courage to pursue my dreams.




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