High Dias – A new podcast by Amari Indigo and Charmosa

Hey everyone!
I started a podcast with my friend, Charmosa. It’s called “High Dias” and we record every Tuesday after our roller skating sessions. We smoke weed and talk about our experiences, because why wouldn’t we? We share our ideas; the ones that we have while alive on this planet. Of course, we talk about skating quite a bit (don’t worry–we’re total newbs, but really enjoying the experience).

We are getting to know each other and sharing ourselves with you! We would be so happy if you’d join us on our journey of roller skating, friendship, and High Dias!

This Week: Roller skating, making friends with bacon, Canadians, unreliable childhood memories, womanhood, being a unique, suicidal god, and more!

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Podcast Notes:

Purchase Unicorn on Roller Skates print here

Royalty Free Music provided by incompetech.com and bensound.com

Moxi Skate Team in Barcelona, Spain video

1970s Roller Disco compilation video

Jellybeans Roller Rink site (Wilmington, NC)

Parisite Skatepark Instagram (New Orleans, LA)


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